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Hi, i have joined octopus energy with overnight 5p charge for 4hours with £50cashback with link below. And the deal has no leaving penalties. Anybody found better please.

To get a reliable, guaranteed 5p/unit from the grid? I've not seen anything lower lately.
The only way to go lower from grid supply is to go with Octopus Agile & encounter a cheap rate - it's not guaranteed, and sometimes the wholesale prices become dramatically higher (January and this week being a bit steep for instance).
Of course if you have the cash & a suitable roof, you can fit solar panels. Paired with a Zappi charger (or similar) you can charge your car with only the 'spare' electricity, and effectively 'pay' nothing for that power.. but you'd of course need to then work out what that was worth after having spent the money on the solar panels.
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