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Home Charging Following v2.4 Software Update

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I have posted something similar on another forum, so apologies if anyone is already aware of this problem.

Not being a high mileage user, it wasn't until mid September that I needed to charge my car at home on my EO Mini Pro2. When I tried, I kept getting error messages and the light in the car's charge port turned red. I rang EO support to get some help. Anyway, to cut a long story short, it would appear that after the 12v battery swap and v2.4 software update, there appears to be a problem with my EO charger talking to the car. Since first reporting the problem, EO have been in contact with VW in Germany, who recognise there is a problem and are now working with them on a solution.
Although inconvenient, I have been able to charge my car at Tesco on one of their 7kWh chargers and also on a granny plug charger at home.
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Has anyone heard of an update to resolve this issue yet? I'm still experiencing it on an intermittent basis but probably 70% of nights it pulls 3.5kW but some nights it runs at 7kW.
Scheduled charging via the car is completely broken in 2.4, it's fixed in 3.0.
Scheduled charging via the charger will only be fixed the charger supplier. Most of those affected by the reduced charging rate issue (Ohme, Podpoint, maybe now EO?) already have a fix in place but you might need to call them up and register your problems before they will apply it to your charger.
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Thanks. I have raised a query again with EO (they didn't reply to the one I raised in December). Hopefully they will confirm what is happening. At the moment the behaviour is random e.g. two weeks ago I had several nights at 7kW then last week it ran at 3.5kW but last night at 7kW again. This is what you might expect when it's a timing issue in the sync between car and charger and it makes it hard to know if it's resolved.
Is there some strong evidence that the VW v3.0 fixes it? If it does then that would be fine.
I haven't heard of as many people having the reduced charge rate issue with 3.0, but at least one person with a Cupra Born (and an Ohme charger) has, so it's not entirely eliminated. It doesn't matter so much though, because if your charger supplier doesn't fix it, you can put the charger in dumb mode and schedule through the car, which I have found very reliable with 3.0. Then it will always work at full rate.
Just to add, my problem wasn't with scheduled charging, it just wouldn't charge.
From reading your posts, it sounds like your issue was different to the common one a lot of people have had. Glad you got it sorted!
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