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Sorry don't know any hotels with charge points however there are several GMEV charge points along Oxford Road.
John Dalton Street in particular is cheap although not exactly a salubrious location. Covered by CCTV though. Check Open Charge Map for some photos from today. The ones in the multi-story right near the uni is handy for the Uni. This is Higher Cambridge Street but accessed via Higher Chatham Street (from Booth Street) though it doesn't seem to be 24 hours. I've not tried the ones in Cambridge Quad yet, sorry.
Also there is one on Blackfriars Street in Salford that, last time we were there, was free parking. Opposite Travelodge.
It was actually a bay over double yellows. They may have tidied up the road markings. Quay street is another possibility though I think it's actually a pay car park.
Be wary of most of the street GMEV points because the subject to the normal Manchester parking fees. i.e. 2 hours max for £6. Mad. These are mostly in the Northern Quarter.
Also Manchester Central and Great Northern are lovely but insanely expensive NCP car parks.
These are all CYC points (GMEV).
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