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Hello -

We have a BMW wallbox EVSE that was installed in 2015 by Schneider Elec with an OLEV grant.
Since then I've done 80k miles electric in 2x i3s.

It's been faultless except for exposing a fault with our ancient meter supply tail, identified due to a horrible smell and infra-red camera detecting a hotspot on the connector (similar to the fire thread). We've sold the house and the new owners don't want the EVSE so I'm taking it with me.

Question 1 - Can I just remove the EVSE 'downstream' of the OLEV smart meter? It looks like a simple disconnection job and the new owners can leave the RCD switched off to isolate it. I can fill the hole in the wall and take all of the external conduit and so on with me.

Question 2 - If I'm not after a grant, can I just install my BMW EVSE at the new property? I've checked and the consumer unit is just inside the wall from the driveway and it has a spare way. I'm thinking a big red and yellow inline isolator and we should be fine. One of the electricians we asked for a quote said we needed to apply for a licence and register all new EVSE installations with the gov.

Not necessarily thinking of DIY, but just need to check I haven't missed some important paperwork (or a grant in the new house LOL).
Thanks a lot.


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The original evse from BMW was installed as part of the purchase of one of the i3’s? If so, and you haven’t yet claimed a grant for a charge point for the second vehicle, you can still claim for the 2nd car at your new address is my understanding when my Pod-Point was installed.
“You can claim one chargepoint per eligible vehicle and up to two eligible vehicles per household.”
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