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I think I've just found it

try here https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6728431/2012 Chevrolet Volt Opel Ampera Service Manual.pdf

but be quick these things tend to disappear!
Wow, that is a large manual.
Many thanks for the link. It always comes in handy for the little jobs.

I had a quick look at the drive assembly and wished I hadn't. The Volt/Ampera may well be reliable but the complexity of the drive is absolutely scary.
To think I have been bragging for years how simple an EV is..............only an ICE manufacturer could turn simple into so much complexity.
And to think I had thought the double clutch gearboxes many ICE's have now were over complicated!
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Just remembered - I once downloaded the Chevy Volt workshop manual from somewhere (72Mb and 8,000 pages) and sure enough there is a page on "Instrument Panel Upper Centre Compartment Replacement."

This shows 2 screws behind the radio / sat nav that have to be removed first - I'll try this when at home and let you know how I get on...
Thanks, glad it didn't disappear too quickly.
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