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Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (2015)
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Vague question I'm sorry but I have many questions.

I'm collecting my 2nd hand PHEV on Friday and I've watched YouTube videos etc but I'm struggling to understand how they work/drive. I'm part exchanging a Lexus CT200h which did all the decision making for me.

My round trip commute is 8 miles. In theory perfect to be driving fully on electric each day providing I charge it every other night (or however frequently required). However, what forces it to drive in pure electric mode? Is it built in? Will it always try to drive in electric mode unless you press charge or save? It's one of the top reasons I've bought it.

There is a dip in my route, though. Can somebody explain the B0-5 levels? I never had this in my Lexus. Does harsher regen produce more charge? Or is it vice-versa? So basically, going down the dip what is the best regen to use. At the bottom of the dip I'm very likely to stop as there is a roundabout. This means I will go from a standing start up the dip. Will it maintain EV mode? If not, will it automatically go back into EV mode when it flattens out? Each side of the dip is about 200ft.

I know B0 is no regen, so is this best suited for motorway miles with the theory that momentum is more fuel efficient than building charge? If not, why is B0 an option?

I've learned that it's best to save charge on the motorway. Videos I've seen say it'll trickle the charge to maintain the percentage from when you pressed save. Why will it keep topping it up though? Is this a natural battery drain or does the car use battery on the motorways?

I've learned that charge is mostly best avoided but why? Coming off the motorway with max miles is surely a benefit? If you drive a long journey on the motorway with zero urban roads what would the approach be and what would the car actually do in it's neutral mode?

Sorry for the essay but I am very confused by all this.

Thanks in advance!
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