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As I have 3 phase AC (400v, 3x25 amps total) at home, I was wondering how fast a 3 phase charger will charge an EV that has 1 phase on-board charger ?

For example, I was told that a 3 phase charger connected to my home AC would be set at 16 amps per phase, and total output would be around 11kw.
But, I'm awaiting delivery of a Corsa-e which has a 7kw OBC (1 phase).
Will it be able to charge at 7kw? How does this work, when input of charger is 3 phase, and OBC is just one phase?
Will it take just one of three phase lines, giving a maximum of 3.6kw (220v x 16 amps)?

I'd appreciate you inputs on this as it worries me that although I have 3 phase AC, it will actually be a disadvantage with a 1 phase OBC on the EV.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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