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On Christmas Eve, I was stranded for 90 mins waiting for the rescue service to turn up as I couldn't get into my Zoe.

I'd had a warning that the keycard battery was low and it was a very cold night, so it's quite possible the remote entry wasn't working as a result. No problem, I thought, I'll use the emergency key. I was unable to get the emergency key to do anything - I could turn it left and right, but there was no obvious sign of any clicks or mechanisms operating, and I was unable to get into the vehicle. Eventually the recovery truck driver was able to unlock the car - the whole car, with lights coming on and everything. But he was totally unable to tell me what he'd done to achieve this.

How is the emergency key supposed to work? Is there a combination of jiggling the handle and turning it that I'm not aware of? And I wasn't expecting it to fully unlock the car, only the passenger door. I'm wondering if I've got a defective lock on the passenger door, and that all that had happened was that the keycard battery had warmed up sufficiently in my pocket to operate again.

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Don't know but I always carry a spare battery for key fobs in my pocket. I have a vague idea the key only unlocks the drivers door.

I had the Zoe one go flat on me a couple of months after I bought the car. Winter too. I reckon using the pre warm button on the fob shortens the life of it. It is also an awkward shape so I suspect the buttons get mashed in pockets all the time too.

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I had to use my emergency key only yesterday. First problem was finding it, solved by pressing/sliding the back off the keycard. But using it was just as a normal manual lock, just turning the key. It was stiff (small key, little leverage) but no special technique required.

You could be right re warming the keycard battery; I've found other electronic items affected in that way.
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