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currently planning the move to full ev with a E-Niro arriving in March.

I have an gen1 “dumb” EO-Mini type2 charge point installed currently but am looking at getting an ohme charger for octopus agile.
I see from the pictures that the tail on the ohme is quite short, so if I get type2-type2 style I’m not sure it will be long enough to plug into the EO and mount the box on the wall alongside In a permanent manner.

Has anyone else got this type of configuration that can advise?
Or is it worth getting the EO changed for a commando socket?
Why do you want to "mount the box on the wall alongside In a permanent manner." ?

I have the Commando version so can't help with tail length on the Mennekes version but ability of either to be unplugged and used elsewhere is far more useful (IMO) than making it 'look pretty'. If you're bothered about the weight of the box straining the cable (which I'm sure is unlikely) you could always support the weight with a length of cord attached to a hook above your charge point.
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