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currently planning the move to full ev with a E-Niro arriving in March.

I have an gen1 “dumb” EO-Mini type2 charge point installed currently but am looking at getting an ohme charger for octopus agile.
I see from the pictures that the tail on the ohme is quite short, so if I get type2-type2 style I’m not sure it will be long enough to plug into the EO and mount the box on the wall alongside In a permanent manner.

Has anyone else got this type of configuration that can advise?
Or is it worth getting the EO changed for a commando socket?
Just under 30cm in total, but not all of that will bend. It would just mount flush alongside an EO Mini but there's not enough for an "ideal" S bend to minimise water dripping.
Personally I'd go Commando and sell the EO although you'd lose the flexibility of the Type 2 socket allowing all leads such as Type 1 for visitors.
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