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I read that global sales of Volt/Ampera passed 50,000 in June - yet have you seen GM make any kind of positive PR out of this?

But yes, the fact that $4/gallon US can sell 10x as many per capita and compensated for time on the market as we have in $9/gallon UK is sad and worrying. It makes a joke out of all these people saying that EVs will take off massively in the States when gas hits 4 or 5 dollars there. Clearly people will tolerate a lot more pain in their pockets than the pundits think.

We have had an interesting phenomenon at work recently. As soon as Leafs became available at £13,000 or on cheap leases, a load of people went out to buy them. That seems to be the point where people go "this is a no brainer" and range anxiety gets forgotten about. I must admit, if I was buying again now, I'd be doing the same.
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