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As others may know I am a fan of frunks, mainly because they make good usable additional volume under the boot where the wheel and charging cables usually sit. So I have set myself the task of quantifying this. Below is my table to quantify this. So I have measured three sections. The Above Trapezoid measures the volume that is normally available, ignoring wheelarches and spaces beside them. The Under Trapezoid is that volume taken up by the plastic tray containing charging cables etc. The Wheel Space is that where the spare wheel might go (except there is a section cut off from it, so I have assumed 90% to ignore the cutout). I have tried to take averages to make calculation relatively easy.

SectionTopDepBotDepHeightArea TrapWidthVolume
Above Trapezoid.41 m.70 m.40 m.22 sqm.96 m213.12 ltr
Under Rectangle.17 m.17 m.15 m.03 sqm1.00 m25.50 ltr
Under Wheel Space.15 m.70 m24.74 ltr
Total Volume263.36 ltr
Percent Increase23.57%

Here's my notes on my measurements.
IMIG20200730 ThamesSt OorKona 0001 Boot.JPG

So what this shows (assuming my maths and measurements are both reasonably sensible) that we can add around a quarter additional volume available for storage.
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