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Miles per kWh vary considerably with the weather, driving technique, road conditions, and terrain. Some days I see 2 mi/kWh... other days I can easily see 5... both without varying my driving technique or road conditions much... (mostly a weather change).

I'm not sure of the purpose of the Android app is besides showing comparisons between cars, but especially when considering a new purchase it does take a long, long time to recoup the added initial cost of the EV from the savings in purchasing fuel. Even when considering a used EV for me it looks like about 10 years before that cost is recovered.

That said, there is a tremendous value in the convenience of "fueling up" at home, and I don't think that should be neglected. I believe that Tesla factors this into it's "savings" equations by multiplying a wage by the time saved away from a petrol pump.

I'm sure others could go on about societal costs of running our nations' vehicles on petrol... and they'd be right. However, I don't know how one could quantify that on an Android app.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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