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My supplier (Ecotricity) leave the timing on the meter the same so my night hours are 12-7 in winter and 1-8 in summer... so I have to change the timer on the car to match.

Additional question if I may: when I try to find charging stations via the menu, I just get a 'no service' message. Is it linked to Carwings or something?
To get the charging station data you must have a mobile connection but I don't know if you need a Carwings account or not... so it might just mean that you don't have a mobile signal... or it might mean that you don't have a Carwings account.

In any case... I'd say don't bother! The charging station info is so out of date or incorrect that it is effectively pointless for finding charging. There are some stations there and so if the one you want is there then fine, you can use it, but if you are searching for unknown charging locations such as in an emergency to get a charge then it isn't much help IMO.

I only use it for stations I know exist as a simple way to set up the SatNav.

Doesn't the car know about daylight saving? or is this a Gen 1/Gen 2 "feature"?
The timers don't change on the Mk1
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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