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How to jack up my ID4 I have a puncture

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Hi Guys got a slow puncture today and need to take it into a tyre dealer tomorrow to get it fixed. Does the ID4 have jacking points, it's the rear drivers side wheel that needs removing. I found the electric air pump in the boot under the floor so I have been able to pump it back up. Can't say I saw a jack though.

Any one had to have a tyre changed yet, I hope the tyre places know what to do with an electric regards changing a tyre.
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In any case the bitumen lining can't 'officially' be repaired to a standard.
Whilst you can’t replace the bitumen sealant lining in self sealing tyres, the repair standard is exactly the same as any other tyre.

If the puncture is in a repairable area, it can be fixed, just a suitable patch of the seal material has to be scraped back to the rubber of the tyre and the surface prepped. It takes a bit longer and some tyre centres don’t have anybody trained, or just don’t want the faff and would rather just sell you a new tyre.

I had one repaired for £30 at my local ATS tyre place.

Fortunately had can of goop (no, you can't repair the tyre after goop, but you can't repair it anyway).
This depends on the tyre sealant you’ve used, Holts Tyre Weld or any other water based sealant can be washed out and the tyre repaired as normal. The issue is that a lot of tyre places don’t like to do it because of the mess and the extra time it takes. Warning them the tyre has tyre sealant in it goes a long way to whether they feel inclined to repair it!

If your local tyre place won’t repair perfectly repairable self seal tyres or ones that have had water based sealant squirted into them, then find another tyre place is my advice.
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Yes. And I suppose there's the problem, and hoping they comply with the standard. (don't want someone who'll put a plug in for cash). If the puncture is bad, or its run on flat damaging the sidewall, then it can't safely be repaired. I enquired at others who sort of said it might be possible if they could scrape back the bitumen and clean it. The problem is if the bitumen has filled the hole.

Small nail - maybe; stone, large screw leading to deflation - probably not.
With any tyre repair you’re relying on the tyre place to know what they’re doing and repair it properly, same with the driver saying whether they’ve driven on it. The repairer should check for damage though.

A glued plug repair will require the puncture to be drilled anyway, so the self seal having flowed to fill the hole won’t be a problem.
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