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How to jack up my ID4 I have a puncture

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Hi Guys got a slow puncture today and need to take it into a tyre dealer tomorrow to get it fixed. Does the ID4 have jacking points, it's the rear drivers side wheel that needs removing. I found the electric air pump in the boot under the floor so I have been able to pump it back up. Can't say I saw a jack though.

Any one had to have a tyre changed yet, I hope the tyre places know what to do with an electric regards changing a tyre.
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I don't remember seeing any kind of pump or sealant kit in my ID.4, must have a look, where is it normally stored? I was told the tyres already had self sealant in them, so perhaps you can't add more?
If you have a pump and can of sealing gunk it will be in the small storage compartment under the removable floor cover in the boot.

There should also be a little tray with a towing eye and a couple of other basic tools.
Thanks, I'l have a look when the wife brings the car back. If I have self-sealing tyres, would that mean that I won't have the can of gunk?

I see some ID3 with 19" & 20" have self sealing tyres but not heard of any ID4 having them but I guess you could have them. What model car and year is it?

Not sure how you can repair a self sealing tyre as even those can't stop all punctures.
It's a 2021 Family with 19" tyres. Just had a look - the only thing in there is the wheel nut key - no wrench, jack or inflator. I guess gone are the days you're expected to change your own wheels. It was only a couple of months ago that I had to change a wheel on my other car due to a puncture while out and about, and I was able to carry on my way. now we're at the mercy of the breakdown services.

Another thing, a bit OT, is that we now have the dreaded “Error: emergency call. Please visit workshop”. message - any ideas how to get rid of this? I've tried calling and cancelling using the SOS button.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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