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How to remove third row seat in ENV200 Evalia 40kWh model

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I see there is an old thread about this - and people saying it is quite easy to do. But I have just acquired an Evalia 2019 40kWh model and I fear they may have changed the system. Has anybody removed a seat and if so can you point me at photos or description of what to do?
There is an excellent video for the NV200 version (
). OK with the first bolt, but the second is now inaccessible - it is bang up against the casing for the seat belts for the second row.
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That might be my message (quoted below). That is a 2021 40 kWh 7-seat Evalia, too.

The second nut is not right at the front of the seat (in mine). There's a long flat grey plastic cover which does not look as though it comes off, but does unclip to reveal the nut on its stud in the middle of the hinge. To unclip, I had to hook a flat tool under the outer (wall side) edge of the cover, then pull upwards to unclick the grey rectangle and flip it up and off.

Sorry, no photos this minute, because the seats are still out and it's raining. I might cross back and forth between car and shed to take photos later.
Congratulations on your Evalia.

I've taken out the rear two seats, but not needed to replace them yet. Taking out was easy, once I worked out how to unclip the two plastic covers over the two fixing nuts (for each seat). The service manual pages SE-50 to SE-51 have a very detailed parts diagram and concise instructions.

Tools required to remove: 14 mm socket and handle, and something to unclip the plastic cover. To replace: ideally use a torque wrench set to 59 N m (6.0 kg-m or 44 ft-lb).

With the seat down, unclip the curved plastic cover over the back nut, then use something to unclip the longer cover over the middle part of the hinge. I found something to hook under its outside edge, to lift and flip. That exposes two steel nuts on the ends of studs coming up from the wheel arch and through the seat hinge. Undo both. Unclip the seat's middle floor fixing and lift away the whole seat.

I clipped the two plastic covers back onto the seat, and put the two nuts back on their studs in the car, so that there are no loose bits left to get separated in storage.

The service manual says that for replacing the seat, clip the seat into its floor fixing first, then tighten the front bolt before the rear bolt. As noted, I haven't needed to do this yet.
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Picture from the service manual - unclip (1) and (2), then undo the two bolts marked 59,0.
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Which is how it is shown in the video. Can the OP post a picture of how hers are mounted and confirm that they are the fold up version? I wonder whether hers being designed for a different market is significant?
Thank you so much Mark 1 and dk6780 for your prompt responses. How frustrating, my friend, Philippe, who is helping has just gone. I'm going to email him your responses. I can't send a photo as he has put everything back. But my memory is that the first bolt was as per the video. He said the second bolt was facing directly to the front of the car, jammed right up against the grey plastic casing for the seat belts ( ie the bolt at the bottom left of the diagram). But I see from this diagram that is the wrong one. I kick myself I did not take photos of what my system looked like with the plastic covers off.

I'm going to send the diagram to Philippe. Maybe he missed the location of the more difficult to access bolt. (He looked at the video once. I thought he had understood, even if it was in English not French.

I imported the car to France from Spain and the only documentation I had was in Spanish. Just today Nissan said they would send me the links to all the manuals in English. They sent me the User Manaul, a Quick Start 'reference' booklet and a Navigation Manual, , but no Service Manual. Mark, have you a digital copy?

All this is stage one in planning the installation of a removable bed, which will go over the double seat in the second row, and enable me to do some modest touring,
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This should show the location of the two studs (and their nuts) which fix the right hand seat to the wheel arch. As you can see, I've left both the second and third row seat belts undisturbed.

Second photo shows the two seats as stacked in the shed, the one from the left of the car being in front. The fixing holes are the ones without Spanish factory circles drawn around them. I've clicked the two covers back into place, so you see them from underneath, also with factory markings on one.
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Great! I just need Philippe to come back and shower him with all the very useful information you have given me. Very many thanks. I will let you know if - when - we succeed.
Today I removed the 3rd row seats and took 2 pics in the process.

This is how I did lift the little plastic cover:

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And now with the seat removed:

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