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Otherwise known as a "glossary of terms". For those of us who maybe struggle a little with the lingo surrounding electric vehicles.

Please bear in mind I'm also learning as I go, so any comments and corrections are most welcome, as are suggestions for things to add.

Vehicle types:
  • BEV: Battery Electric Vehicle - Pure battery EV, with rechargeable battery packs running only on electric power. EG Nissan LEAF, Tesla Model S.
  • E-REV (aka BEVx): Extended Range Electric Vehicle - BEVs, but with a small on-board motor which charges the battery pack as you run and/or powers the vehicle's drive system allowing greater range. The BMW i3 with "REx" is a good example.
  • EV: Electric Vehicle - Generic term for electric vehicles.
  • Hybrid: ICE vehicles which have a battery powered electric motor which is charged by the internal combustion engine.
  • ICE: Internal Combustion Engine. Used for the tech and the vehicles that rely on it.
  • PHEV: Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicle - Similar to "traditional" hybrid vehicles, but with bigger batteries which you can charge as with a BEV and run on "pure electric" power over shorter distances. Toyota Plugin Prius is the most well known example of this.
  • Pure Electric: Same as BEV, battery-only electric vehicles.
Chargers and charging:
  • AC: Alternate Current.
  • Commando / Commando Socket: A common name for a socket made to the IEC 60309 standard. Commonly found at industrial developments and caravan sites. More on Wikipedia.
  • DC: Direct Current.
  • Fast Charger: Anything faster than standard domestic charging, usually circa 7 kW, which would charge an average EV to 80% in around 4 hours.
  • ICEd: When ICE vehicles block charging points/EV parking spaces.
  • Rapid Charger: Dedicated charge points which usually charge at between 20 to 50 kW. This enables an 80% charge in around 30 minutes.
Other terms, phrases and acronyms:
  • VSP: Vehicle Sound for Pedestrians. An artificial noise to warn pedestrians of EVs moving at low speed.
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