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Hyperdrive range extender

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I contacted Hyperdrive.

It seems that they are not really for after-market retrofits. I was thinking that it would make a great alternative to replacing the Leaf Mk1 but clearly, from their reply, it is intended as a factory fit at time of manufacturing.

A great idea though and it might get picked up by a manufacturer but at the moment they are not intending it as an after-market fit.

Watch this space I suppose. They did say that if there was sufficient interest they might produce a kit but they also say it won't be cheap!
Agreed. But better than nothing on a 100% EV and it would take the risk out of longer trips if it is marginal. You know you would get there even if it is slowly.
I like the concept and have offered Hyperdrive the chance to use my Leaf as a real-world test vehicle. They didn't say no!
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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