Hyundai Ioniq 28kWh Premium SE EV in Blazing Yellow

69.2k miles
MOT until 11 July 2023
Service due December 2022, will potentially get this done if time before sale.

I've had this for about a year, it's the best EV I've owned, having been driving them since about 2013. It charges on a rapid charger at up to 68kW, has air cooling for the battery (preferable to liquid as there's no coolant change required), and is extremely efficient, easily achieving an average efficiency of 5miles/kWh. Even most new EVs will struggle to crack 3.5, most of the big/heavy ones are down in the low 3s or high 2s - this makes a difference over the long term given the rising price of electricity, if not in the short term.

The above makes it great for long motorway runs as well as the typical local driving EVs are good for. On a long journey it doesn't overheat or throttle the charging at all, I've covered 600 miles in a day in this car and it's handled it with absolute ease. The aerodynamic design (the car sits low and has an extremely aerodynamic profile) means higher speeds on the motorway don't impact the range as much as they would on bulkier/squarer EVs.

Range: Variable as always on driving style, for me summer max is about 150 (full to empty), and winter worst I've seen the car estimate is about 120.

Battery health: 100%, this has zero degradation from new due to the cooling system, with no change in range from new. Happy to demo that with live data from the battery pack using an OBD2 port dongle.

Being the Premium SE, it has quite a lot of spec, including lane keep assist with radar cruise control, reversing camera, front and rear parking sensors (colour matched to the car), leather seats (heated and cooled), heated steering wheel, electrically adjustable seat including electrically adjustable lumbar support and 2 presets for seat memory (drivers seat only), Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, charging via CCS or Type 2 (cable included).

Full service history, two keys and standard manual/locking wheel nut.

In overall great condition, drives brilliantly and the bodywork is in very good condition for the age, no noticeable marks/scratches that I'm aware of.

Full disclosure, there is one fault with the car which is the Blind Spot Monitoring System - I've had it investigated by the dealership who have pinpointed it to a faulty sensor under the left side of the rear bumper, in need of either realignment or replacement. It's not a hugely expensive part, however, I've never bothered to fix it as it's never been much of an issue and the dealership hourly rate was extortionate. The manifestation of the fault is only on longer motorway/dual carriageway journeys, after maybe 20mins or so of driving the warning light will pop up to say there's a problem with the sensor and that the blind spot monitoring is disabled. It resets and works fine after turning the ignition switch off and back on but I just ignore it as it doesn't affect the drive or anything other than the fact that you no longer get the little orange light in the wing mirrors when there's a car in your blind spot. The fault hasn't ever changed/gotten worse in the year I've had it, and I'm confident it's not something that's going to affect the rest of the car in any way.

It's genuinely a very reluctant sale and I am happy to answer any questions about the car you might have.

Further pictures to follow.