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After all the delays in launching this vehicle, The changes to the launch date, all the teasers and the anticipation around the launch, All the emails to people who wanted to know more bigging up the launch - What did we get - 10 minutes of talking, very little information, no prices and web sites that instantly didn't work.

I was looking forward to this launch and ready to place a deposit for one if I liked what I saw, the launch was a bit underwhelming (But better than the 2hr VW ID.3 Event) but decided to go ahead, these are the problems I had.

I had problems inputting my details, Phone number would not be recognised, couldn't find a dealer so couldn't continue, sorted dealer, came to selection - wrong car graphic (Tucson NOT Ioniq 5), limited paint colours compared to Germany, No paypal link then finally when I thought I had done it, the confirmation page was in German (But it did not actually confirm anything!!)

Contacted Hyundai UK - They said that they didn't anticipate the demand for the car (REALLY!!!!!!) they couldn't tell if I had actually ordered a car, and then admitted that the web site didn't work and to come back in a few days......

The UK website was taken down, then came back up again eventually with a "Reserve Yours Now" and "Keep Me Updated" Buttons, The Reserve yours now button instantly took you to a "Oh no there is a problem page" which was up all day, and if you click on the link now it comes up with "Page Not Found - The requested page does not exist."

I cannot believe that Hyundai got it so wrong after all the build up, anticipation and delays in the launch - Love the car and would buy one if I could.

How did you find the Launch event and the system for reserving a vehicle ?.........


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The same, the site was available and semi-functional about 15-20 minutes before the stated 7:30 time.
I was able to get up until the terms and conditions page straight away and then the it wouldn't proceed for a while. After a whole bunch of refreshing the accept button changed and I could go further.
The choose a deal screen didn't work for me either - it needed location access to display anything or actually function. By the time I had figured that out there was no paypal (lol) link because, I assume, the cars had gone so I registered my interest and got some German confirmation screen too.

So in short it was bad, the images thing I can forgive (it happened to me too) but the rest of it was terrible. I don't understand why they didn't up their existing click and buy site.

edit: P.S. who/how did you contact Hyundai ?
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