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The same, the site was available and semi-functional about 15-20 minutes before the stated 7:30 time.
I was able to get up until the terms and conditions page straight away and then the it wouldn't proceed for a while. After a whole bunch of refreshing the accept button changed and I could go further.
The choose a deal screen didn't work for me either - it needed location access to display anything or actually function. By the time I had figured that out there was no paypal (lol) link because, I assume, the cars had gone so I registered my interest and got some German confirmation screen too.

So in short it was bad, the images thing I can forgive (it happened to me too) but the rest of it was terrible. I don't understand why they didn't up their existing click and buy site.

edit: P.S. who/how did you contact Hyundai ?
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