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I-miev rear seat

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Just taken possession of a 2011 i-Miev to replace our lease Zoe.

It is in excellent condition except for one niggle I would like help with.

The driver's side rear seat will not fold down and previous attempts in the car's past have stripped the release lever.

Does anyone have experience of releasing/fixing a rear seat mechanism?

Many thanks - and excited to join the i-Miev set!
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Hi, I got the Webasto Thermotop Evo4 running just after Christmas. It has totally transformed the way we use the car. Minus 5 degrees this morning, fired up the heater whilst having breakfast, 10 minutes on the 1533 timer control and car was toasty throughout and frost free. That was with the heater running on recirculation mode. When driving down the street, will put back on fresh air mode for a few minutes to blast some external low humidity air through the car.

It's not a quick, cheap solution. I used a small press brake to bend the sheet metal mounts, a drill press to drill all the holes, a lathe to make a fuel tank adaptor: probably all slightly over-engineered, There was a bit of thread tapping here and there! So car is now a electric/fuel hybrid traction/heat machine.

I originally installed the exhaust exiting on the left front side just inside the wheel arch, facing downwards/back at a 10 degree angle as per instructions. This resulted in some ingestion into the fresh air inlet. This has now been changed so that the exhaust discharges out the side of the car, facing 45 degrees backwards/downwards, about 10" behind where the A pillar meets the sill.

Will post some details and photos in CZero / PION section some time in the future.

Fuel at the moment is heating kero purchased in a 20 litre container (slightly cheaper than diesel).
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