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A tale of woe and a warning to others.....

In my naivety I thought it would be a good idea to replace the UK 3 pin plug on my 2 week old BMW Delphi charger with a 16 amp CEE ('commando') plug.

Oh, dear! Fools rush in etc., etc.. I knew something was wrong as soon as I cut the cable and found not 3 but 6 wires inside the outer sheath - the usual earth, neutral & live...plus 3 much thinner wires.

It's a 10 amp Delphi BMW OUC (occasional use charger) and I already have a CEE 'commando' socket on the outside of my garage on a 13amp radial circuit from the garage consumer unit. 'Commando' socket/plug connections are significantly better than the usual domestic 3 pin equivalent so thought this would be an altogether superior and safer arrangement for home charging my recently purchased brand new BMW i3.

Here's the cut end showing the wires (below):-


What I overlooked was the temperature sensing capability of the charger and the 3 pin plug. Having committed my error I thought I may as well butcher the moulded plug and found two thermistors encapsulated in the plastic. (See below).


After some Googling I discovered that the thermistors send a signal to the charging unit to warn of rising and very high (or really very low) temperatures; the unit then switches itself off thus protecting the domestic socket, plug and the charger. Clever stuff. Needless to say, much cleverer than me!

Expensive mistake, too. A new unit would be £360 from BMW with a minor discount. After a bit of haggling on eBay I bought a brand new Mennekes made and branded unit that are supplied as standard with Volvo hybrids etc.. Cost £155. Ouch! But better than £360. It too is a 10 amp unit (2.3KW rather than 2.4KW) and charging, so far, has been hunky dory. The minor upside is that the Mennekes charger is IP69k rated so a little more weatherproof than the Delphi (IP67 rated).

Any really techie people out there capable of repairing/salvaging parts and looking for a 2 week old donor charger can find it advertised on a popular auction site!

I hang my head in shame! ?
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