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I decided to take a look at whether paying for the Rapid Charge option to be added to the REx paid back.
That's the same conclusion that I came to although I viewed it more as a decision about BEV+CCS -vs- REx. I didn't really see the point of spec'ing CCS if getting a REx other than it adds a bit of residual value. As well as the numbers not stacking up (as you've shown) my gameplan is to do all my charging from home anyway, I'm too lazy to put up with the multitude of potential issues with public charging. Apart from the usual ICE'd/broken/busy issues I don't even want to have to wait the 30 mins for a rapid charge.

I'll use public charging when it's convenient e.g. when parked up at a shopping centre but for the long distance journeys I'm just going to be doing the splash & dash with the REx. Sorry to the purists who hate the thought of burning fuel, but personally speaking I'm not that bothered about that seeing as it'll only be a couple of times a month at most.
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