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Hi, in my opinion I don't think the BMW i3 has a looking at the new model Leafs pound for pound, see this question I sentEdna: 21:08:14 GMT Hi Garry, my name is Edna how can I help you today?

Garry Hague: 21:09:12 GMT Hi, has the i3 had a crash test done?

Edna: 21:10:13 GMT Sorry that information has not been released yet.

Garry Hague: 21:11:00 GMT Enda, why when the car is already for sale?

Edna: 21:13:15 GMT If you would like to leave your details I can look into this for you, but at this present time we have not been given that information.

Not good enough for me, already had a rear end shunt with my Leaf and very please how well the car stood up well its got the all important 5 star rating over all.
Also i am not sure of this but from what i can read the i3 has a smaller battery pack 19kwh and the nissan is a 24kwh.

After looking on BMW web site and specking the car as a Leaf Tekna I get to £35500 pounds.

After just replacing my Daughters previous Mk 1 Leaf (Japan Model) for a brand new Leaf Tekna first registered keeper with solar spoiler and the faster built in charger 6.6kv (32amp) that completely changes the game for charging at home or away without having to use Rapid charging, the Tekna has outstanding specification and value, the ride drive is great i like all the new update Nissan has done to the new Leaf i even got used to the new handbrake. The price I paid was £20k deals can be found out there as cars around the Yorkshire region are not selling as fast as other areas so dealers are finding sales slow grab a deal, and before you ask that was with the batteries pack bought outright as well no rental.

I think the i3 has a lot not to offer as regards value and having had BMW S in the past I bet the i3 is a hard ride.

Thanks for reading.

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I recall when the very first MINI came out way back when, you could purchase a MINI One for less than £10,000 (not a lot less, but less all the same).

Then you had options, different "packs" (salt, pepper I think they had back then) tax and all the rest of it, but that helped it become my wife's first company car, so I guess you're spot on with your assessment there!
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