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I know there are a few threads about scheduled charging, but they seem to focus on issues with smart chargers like the Zappi. I'd like to discuss how the ID.3 (and ID.4) behave with no intervention from the charger (or ESVE if you must). This assumes 2.1 software.

My previous EV was an e-Golf, and the scheduled charging worked very well, but it was completely different from the ID.3. With the e-Golf, if I set it to depart on 0800 Monday, with an 'off peak' setting of 0030 to 0430, it would start charging the night before the date, starting at 0030 and finishing whenever the % charge goal was achieved.

The ID.3 seems to try to finish charging at 0430, and guesses the length of time it will take, usually underestimating it. This morning I ended up with 72% with 80% set. Another oddity, if your departure time is a few days away, the e-Golf would wait until the night before; the ID.3 will charge the first night it can.

How do you think it is supposed to work, and what changes would you like?
Similar to my experience with my Pod Point and the 2.0 software on the car, under-estimating and therefore not drawing enough charge to hit the defined level.

I haven’t bothered with it since, instead switching my tariff to one with an off-peak starting at 20:30, and now able to use the scheduled charging with the Pod Point app.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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