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I have had my ID.4 now for just over a week and I have managed to cover 468 miles in total. This comprises of ,trip back from the dealer and running around all week taking the kids to school and shopping. I am getting an average of 3.0 mi/kWh on long term and the same roughly each trip and since each charge.


I collected the car with a 100% charge and I have only charged once at home to the 80% mark which cost me £7.81 adding 55.8 kWh.
My local Tesco store has a 22kw changer which is free for 50 minutes so I have used it four times adding 34.6 kWh. I have also discovered a local free 50kWh charger which has been used twice adding 35 kWh each time.

I have used the heating schedule each morning via the app to pre heat the car which has worked great,the current battery level is 76%

Total added 160.4 kWh costing £7.81 which is quite cheap, long may it continue.

As we are being partially released into the wild again from Monday and can travel out of the local area there will be some longer trips at the weekends so looking forward to seeing what I can achieve mi/kWh then.

Jobs on the car

I have applied Autoglym Ceramic HD coating today which took several hours to apply and buff off but looks good and hopefully will be easier to clean. My ID.4 is white which looks great when its clean but is a challenge to keep looking fresh.
I am also going to apply Poor Boys alloy wheel wax to the wheels to try to keep them fresh which is a job for next weekend.

Issues/ Problems
Nothing major to report thankfully, I did have one strange issue on Sunday where the battery level/miles of charge display change to battery level/ kilometres. I locked the car and it had reset its self after a couple of hours.

I struggled to get the free data from cubic telecom but managed eventually to get that attached to my account I just cannot get the internet radio to work in the car. I can with tethering it to my phone but would like to get it to work with the inbuilt sim, so that's a job for another day.

Overall I am really happy with the ID.4 and I can honestly say I will never go back to an ICE car.
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