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ID.4 Servicing

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Now that we're coming up on two years since the first UK ID.4s were delivered, it is time to look at scheduling that first batch (mine included) for servicing... Has anyone scheduled theirs yet? Are you using main dealers, or HEVRA garages? Any idea on base costs? I've emailed Cleevely's mobile service as they do my Zoe every summer, not sure if they service the ID cars, but we'll see.
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I've got the £239 option on the ID4 I've just taken delivery off, there seems to be a lot of confusion at my dealership about what it actually contains.

Originally they told me it was '2 services' but was listed on the original Sales Order as a 2 Year service Plan, but is now listed as '2 Services'.

I've asked the dealer to clarify and they've just told me it seems to be now reporting that it's '4 services' which is an Inspection Service, Pollen Filter Service, Brake Fluid Change and an MOT....sigh......however the real point of concern is that VWFS are listing it as '1 Service' but when push will expand that to 'the same 4 things as above' but must all be used up within 2 years (ie a Year before the MoT is due)

Why is servicing with VW so complicated?
I think I’ll try and ‘pressure’ the dealer into doing what they told me yesterday was included (service, pollen filter, brake fluid change) at the first service, then take it back for an MoT at Year 3 and be prepared for an argument. I’m trying to get VWFS to put in writing what’s included and when, I can’t see how they can say an MoT is included, but it has to be used before 2 years is up!

Then after that, do as @GenerationGav is going to do and get Cleevely or an independent to do it going forwards. I’ve done that with other VW’s that have gone past 3 years old and it’s worked far better than sticking with the main dealer.
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