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ID.4 Servicing

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Now that we're coming up on two years since the first UK ID.4s were delivered, it is time to look at scheduling that first batch (mine included) for servicing... Has anyone scheduled theirs yet? Are you using main dealers, or HEVRA garages? Any idea on base costs? I've emailed Cleevely's mobile service as they do my Zoe every summer, not sure if they service the ID cars, but we'll see.
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Cleeverly will do the ID.4 - only small caveat they said "I will add the ID range pollen filters are stupidly expensive and large, and dependant on costs at the time there may be a small charge on top."
Heh, they actually just got back to me as I was reading this! 拢147.50+VAT for an ID.4 first service, including the "stupidly expensive pollen filter" 馃槅

Seems very reasonable to me, I may even just get the Zoe done at the same time even though it'll be a few months early for it.
James has probably costed up the pollen filter since my last e-mail then (拢12.50+VAT)
For a new ID.4 you can get "Includes: 1 x Inspection Service, 1 x Pollen filter and 1 x Brake fluid change (if required)" for 拢239.
My gosh I hope we don't need the brake fluid changed after only two years!
Having just done the online checkin for my 2.4 update (id3) amongst other things advertised by the dealer at special service rates were a brake fluid change at 拢69

change the pollen filter yourself (easier than opening the glovebox!) and that鈥檚 it? 馃
They are only charging 拢12.50 for the "huge and ridiculously expensive" filter - seems perfectly reasonable to me.

I went full-EV so that I wouldn't have to do anything myself! :LOL:
For a while VW was doing a service plan for ID vehicles where you could get the first service (include filter and break fluid change) plus first Mot for 拢199. If you speak to your local dealer that may work out cheaper.
拢199 would be a pretty good deal, but it looks like they are charging 拢338 now...

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In my case it is definitely worth using Cleevely, as 1) I've used them before and I like them, 2) they come to my house, and 3) they can do my ID.4 and Zoe at the same time, for a lesser total than VW charges for just the ID.4!
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拢239 is only as an add-on when you buy the vehicle.

Interestingly it says "A Volkswagen ID Service Plan covers the vehicle first service covering you for 2 years, with an option to pay upfront or spread over 24 monthly payments." where you seem to have it over 12 monthly payments.
I think that is because IDs only need service every two years..
Although indeed I was told two years, so if this is just one service then it's actually considerably more expensive.
Well it is two years, because the ID.4 only needs to be serviced every two years... 馃槄 But yeah, I'm quite happy paying Cleevely 拢177 to come to my house and do it for me. I guess it'll be more than that if I need the brake fluid change, but I can't imagine I will after only two years... Plus, after they finish the ID.4 they'll do the Zoe sitting next to it - I'm very happy paying 拢339 to get both cars taken care of for another year (two more years in the ID.4's case!)
AFAIK all ID family have first service after 2 years and then annual servicing thereafter...
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