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EV6 GTLineS - ID.3 Family gone :(
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Criticisms of the interior now seem bizarre to me.
The seats seem quite hard to get comfortable, I miss the support of sport bucket seats.
Possibly not as nice as the bucket sports seats were in my S5, but I've found them ok.
Steering is light. Nice enough but a bit ‘disconnected’.
Compared to fwd VAG cars, though it's much better.
The suspension is my biggest driving negative. Quite crashy.
Coming from sports suspenion-ed Audi, I'd disagree - suspension & SUV tyres seem quite soft (in a good way) to me.
Headlights are fantastic.
Yes - again well up to the spec / performance of the matrix LEDs on expensive Audis.
Wipers are very good.
Yep - I've got no complaints.
Switches are fine, on steering wheel and for windows. Don’t know that the moaning is about.
Software now getting increasingly flaky in terms of false reports.
I'm reluctant to comment (jinx!), but so far 0783 on my Family has been faultless, if a touch slow to start up on occasion.
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