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Id3 and Car Sickness?

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I’ve seen a few reports of people feeling a bit car, travel sick in the ID3.
I felt something on my test drive, my wife was fine though.
Anyone noticed anything??
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Yep stick it in Eco mode and/or reduced lift off regen (if it has that option) and see if that helps. Passengers often don't like the sudden accelerator response of an EV, especially lift off regen. The driver doesn't "feel" the acceleration and deceleration as much as a passenger as they are anticipating it.
Yup agreed, I'm sure it's an EV thing generally. Top regen level in Kona can makes me feel a bit nauseous when my wife is driving and her the same when I'm driving. We've agreed to use level 2 when we are both in the car!
I think another part of it is the driver has the steering wheel to unconsciously brace against during deceleration (and knows exactly when the deceleration will occur) whereas a passenger will just be thrown forward with nothing but their core muscles to hold them with modern automatic seatbelts not providing much restraint to normal deceleration.

When I have the mother in law in the Leaf I either put it in Eco mode or consciously try to drive smoothly... :p
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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