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panoramic roof = reduced headroom.
Only if it opens, which AIUI is not clear yet, if it’s a fixed roof then you actually gain headroom.
Personally I wouldn’t pay extra for it.

The Max would probably be over 40k list price and would be open for tax whereas the plus will probably be under.
I have yet to see any of the ID.3’s to be estimated to be over 40K (I dare say the 77kWh Max will be pretty close though! )

Pretty much a no-brainer for VW. Do we sell a car where a few people will drop orders because it does not have gimmicks and most like it because it is below 40k or have a car full of gimmicks over 40k where a lot more drop out because they don't want to pay that much.
Surely this is the whole point of offering different trim and battery levels, what suits one person will not suit another.

The fact that they are building 1st Edition Max’s for some markets makes it look very shortsighted by VW not to offer all 3 levels to all markets.

They certainly haven’t filled the preorder books to date.
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