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ID3 Software Update V3

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Hi All,

Got the notification to start update to V3 today and should be currently updating. Says it can take 6-8 hours. Any idea how I would know if car is actually updating as there isnt any lights shown on the cluster?

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The garage where I bought my ID.3 last week have said they will call me back in to do the update. I think I'll wait for that to happen rather than attempting an OTA update if offered. They need to have the car in anyway to program a new spare key which is on order since only one was available with the car. They would do both at the same time.
There seems to be some conflicting information about the availability of V3. My current situation (2-year-old ID.3) is that it's on 2.4, and my local Marshall's (Newbury) say it needs an update to the HV battery, which they can't do there. I have to go to their Kidlington branch, so made an appointment there (next available April!) and asked about V3. They seemed pretty knowledgeable and said it's currently not yet available, but expected soon.

Was the battery upgrade subject to a recall? I'm a new owner.
V3 is an over the air update, which you can get if you have 2.4. In the thread above you can see how you opt in to receive it.

It’s unrelated to any HV battery update as far as I can tell.
The thread doesn't say anything about opting in. In any case, I'll leave it for the garage to do it. I'm not prepared to have it brick the car then not be able to do anything about it. Especially if the car is unusable for 8 hours..
HV battery issue is a 93P7 recall AFAIR of some 10k ID cars. More info here:

If you are affected then the faulty battery module(s) will be replaced.
Thanks. The garage seemed to know all about the car (software version etc.) from the reg, so presumably mine is one of those affected. Anyway booked in for April. Hopefully by then they will have 3.x software available and can install it at the same time.
checked my cell voltages via an OBDII dongle and an app called Car Scanner
Ooh, I have a dongle left over from the Leaf. Will have a go with it on the ID.3 sometime when I have got my head round all the important tech (only had the car two weeks).
A dashcam would have achieved the same outcome.
What is IO….?
From the context, the poster means Intelligent Octopus.
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