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ID3 Software Update V3

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Hi All,

Got the notification to start update to V3 today and should be currently updating. Says it can take 6-8 hours. Any idea how I would know if car is actually updating as there isnt any lights shown on the cluster?

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What do you mean? Is the car unmovable during an 8 hour update? That's ridiculous.
That’s the outside estimate, but basically yes it’s an overnight job.

You don’t have to install it, obviously, probably best left for a weekend when you won’t need the car.
I suspect it's a combination of them being conservative and using the cheapest hardware they can get away with. I could also imagine there's still some legacy "this will only be installed once" mentality in their software designers which won't help, unlike Tesla which was designed from the ground up to be updateable.
Not sure if it’s the cheapest hardware available, but the ID models use 2 x In Car Application Server (ICAS) ‘Computers’ manufactured by Continental (yes, the tyre company).

I didn’t even know they were into all this other stuff.

Tesla employ a ‘fix it fast’ mentality, regular smaller and incremental updates with quick patches (usually) to fix errors they’ve introduced in previous releases.

They too can take a surprising amount of time to install, although we’re talking more like minutes or hour, rather than ‘hours’, but then the v3.0 update is pretty big and has to update all of the modules in the car including some firmware.

Smaller software updates that I’ve had since 2.1 have been much quicker, but I guess it’s the nature of the architecture they’ve gone with, of which I don’t know much.
1 - 2 of 55 Posts