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ID3 Software Update V3

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Hi All,

Got the notification to start update to V3 today and should be currently updating. Says it can take 6-8 hours. Any idea how I would know if car is actually updating as there isnt any lights shown on the cluster?

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Is this rolling out to everyone now or is it still just people that signed up via the initial trial/wave?
My car has gone offline as of around a week ago, so no chance I will be getting any sort of OTA update.

First time in over 2 years that mine has gone offline for any length of time. Just hoping it will come back online at some point soon as I can't use any of the app functions until it does.
Morning, my car went offline for a week over the Christmas period. I tried all the fixes listed on the various forums, to no avail. I then emailed customer services, via the app, explained the problem and lo and behold within a day my car came back online. Worth dropping them an email, they were very polite and efficient, but the fact my car came back online without me actually doing anything else to it suggests the problem was at their end.
Thanks, I was planning to contact them if it didn't come back online after a week or so, but it has now come back online on it's own. Was about a week in total it was offline for.
1 - 3 of 55 Posts