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ID3 Style Pure Performance range-ometer untrustworthy

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I bought my ID3 in May 2021 and took it home at the end of September. Max range as advertised is 217 miles, but the reality is simply nothing like it. I find the experience of driving the car stressful, as I can simply not believe what the range-ometer says. Take today - it’s 2.5degrees and a full charge only have me 161 miles (in eco mode). For every mile I drive it’s taking at least three off the range. So that 161 miles might only be 50 miles in reality. And that’s with the air con off!
So that put an end to me using the car for a relatively short 100 mile trip - I had to rent a petrol instead (because on top of the ID3’s lies, you can’t find a reliable charging station on the M11).
Honestly, I think this WLVT business is the next car scam. We had it with diesel emissions and now it’s battery range. 217 miles!? Try 100 just about in fair weather!
I feel I’ve been seriously conned into buying what turns out to be a very expensive car for a city runaround.
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So that 161 miles might only be 50 miles in reality
You must know that is BS? Even a 45kWh car can do well over 100 mile journey in cold weather, with sensible driving. FFS I did a week with a Zoe 22kWh in winter and coped on long journeys (see blog below). Yes it needs a bit of planning and less drama (paranoia?) but it can work fine.

Presumably you have home charging? For best range when heading on a long journey charge the car so it ends an hour before you leave so battery is a bit warmer and then precondition the cabin while plugged in. Both of those will help range. Switching off A/C is pointless, it is cabin heat that can use quite a few kWh especially as you don't have the heat pump - hence warm car on mains.

Finally, don't assume that ZapMap reports are correct unless reported by a few different users.

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