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ID3 Style Pure Performance range-ometer untrustworthy

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I bought my ID3 in May 2021 and took it home at the end of September. Max range as advertised is 217 miles, but the reality is simply nothing like it. I find the experience of driving the car stressful, as I can simply not believe what the range-ometer says. Take today - it’s 2.5degrees and a full charge only have me 161 miles (in eco mode). For every mile I drive it’s taking at least three off the range. So that 161 miles might only be 50 miles in reality. And that’s with the air con off!
So that put an end to me using the car for a relatively short 100 mile trip - I had to rent a petrol instead (because on top of the ID3’s lies, you can’t find a reliable charging station on the M11).
Honestly, I think this WLVT business is the next car scam. We had it with diesel emissions and now it’s battery range. 217 miles!? Try 100 just about in fair weather!
I feel I’ve been seriously conned into buying what turns out to be a very expensive car for a city runaround.
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Just turned car on and stationary. The kWh/h next to the charge symbol is hovering at 8.4-9.6. Since the charge I’ve done 3 miles, at apparently 1.1mi/kWh.
This is showing you just why short journeys in the cold will return such low efficiency figures - the car is spending a lot of energy warming itself up.

For comparison, I made a round trip journey of 60 miles yesterday, finishing up with an average consumption of 3.4miles/kWh (cross country motoring).

The day before, I left home with an 80% charge, range estimated at 180 miles. One mile on (up a long steep climb), it was down to 140. A further mile (on the flat) and it was back over 170. Don’t read too much into the early part of a journey.

Having been sat in the car for 5mins the kWh/h is now hovering at 1.5 while stationary.
…which is much closer to what you will see whenever you stop on a longer journey (for lights etc).

EDIT: I hope you will stick with it. My experience suggests at this time of year 3-3.5 miles/kWh on a good run, comfortably over 4 in summer.
Any idea how to tune off the cabin heating? Air con if off but it may still be warming to 18 degrees.
Well I guess you could (touch the Clima button for options), but honestly, I wouldn’t. Once you get to the “steady state” of about 1kW consumption, my feeling is that it just isn’t worth it - it’s only taking away about 3 or 4 miles from your range every hour.
Well, thank you everyone. The weather on Saturday promises to be warmer, so perhaps I’ll brave it. I just really didn’t want to have to stop on a 110 mile journey (I can charge at the other end).
If conditions are even reasonably benign you should be fine. Your 45kWh at 3 miles/kWh equates to 135 miles (from 100% to zero), or more like 112 miles if things are nasty (or you drive very fast!) and you only get 2.5 average.

If I were you I would:
  • Charge to 100% prior to your journey (try not to leave the car standing at 100% for extended periods - conventional wisdom is that charging to 80% as a “norm” is preferred)
  • Know the locations of a few chargers on or near your route, especially the ones with better reputations for reliability - we’re talking InstaVolt, Osprey, and maybe a couple of others. There are plenty of threads here that will help in this.
  • Keep an eye on your “state of charge” (SoC) as well as projected range. If it’s less than about 55% at half way, consider dropping in on one of the chargers you have identified - you will only need a quick top-up taking a few minutes, but could save you a lot of strife! (Unfortunately the SoC is not - yet - displayed on the dash, so you will need to go into Vehicle/Charging on the big screen to get it).
  • Relax and enjoy the trip!
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