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Id4 battery upgrade done, still in 2.3 though? (UK)

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I had my battery upgrade done a few weeks back. Still no sign of 2.4? I called the garage and they said I should just wait for 2.4 OTA? Something feels off.

How quickly did you get the 2.4 update after the battery change?
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2.4 is 2.3 with software code 0912.

I know, it鈥檚 mad, but you have 2.4 if you also see 0912, next software is 3.0 which will be OTA and will say 3.0 in the headline details section. 馃憤
Oh, yeah I think I have 0912! Cheers for the quick response. Fascinating naming of updates....:)
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I had the same query and spoke to the technician at my local dealer since I'd had a new battery and upgrade as part of another fix (SOS unit). Apparently '2.4 update' is identified as '2.3' in the vehicle. Seems like VW have some serious issues with their software management.

I was trying to get 3.0 (which the VW website seemed to imply was available), so checked. I'm all in favour of verifying the functionality and compatibility of the new release (hope the sort out the charging scheduler), but it's becoming as much a PR disaster as Gridserve's 2 vehicle dynamic charging
Pretty confusing.....yep! I'm trying to determine if the upgrade I received has done anything to the "battery is cold so I'm going to hear it up excessively " issue in the cold.

No idea. Maybe that's the 3.0....
If your ID.4 came with 2.3 installed from the factory, then it already has the changed battery heating in cold weather algorithms.

If it鈥檚 an earlier model, then 2.4 makes that change, and the car will no longer try to heat the battery until a much lower temp, helping with cold weather short trip efficiency.

3.0 should start rolling out over the air by the end of this month apparently, and that version is promised to fix the charge timers, along with all the other enhancements. We shall see.

I do want the charge timing fixed, since 2.4 was installed on our GTX it regularly deletes my 鈥楬ome鈥 charging location and defaults to 鈥榗harge now鈥 meaning I miss my off peak electricity rates.

For now, I鈥檓 using the timed charging function on a Wallbox Pulsar Plus, but the car doesn鈥檛 always take the full rate available for some reason. Also supposed to be fixed in v3.0.

That鈥檚 my only remaining issue with the software to be fair, I鈥檝e found the App connectivity to be pretty solid on my iPhone, but if they rollout better integrated route planning via chargers and 鈥榩lug and charge鈥 then I鈥檒l be very happy.

It鈥檚 been a long journey for some of us, I got an ID.3 1st Edition back in Oct/Nov 2020, that was indeed an 鈥榠nteresting鈥 time software wise until they rolled out the first patches!

Still, it never let me down, it was annoyances more than show stoppers. We also have a Tesla M3, which should make me happy right, but the software irritates the heck out of me, albeit for different reasons.

My old 鈥榓nalog鈥 e-Golf was never as needy! 馃槀
Thanks ! Don't think it came with 2.3 - the car is from September 2021. Also annoingly doesn't have a reverse camera despite being a pro life or whatever it's called.
I hope you get on OK with your 2.3, which is the 2.4, update. Since I had it done, the app has failed to work occasionally, and the car now goes off-line on a regular basis. Never happened previous to the "update" in the 13 months of my ID3 ownership. Now booked in with the stealer, as VW Germany have said there is definitely an issue with something, but won't say what it is.
No issues so far on the app..only issue used to be android auto. The GPS signal was often lost but I think that was my OnePlus, now have a pixel 7 pro and no GPS issues using android auto.
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