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Id4 battery upgrade done, still in 2.3 though? (UK)

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I had my battery upgrade done a few weeks back. Still no sign of 2.4? I called the garage and they said I should just wait for 2.4 OTA? Something feels off.

How quickly did you get the 2.4 update after the battery change?
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I had the same query and spoke to the technician at my local dealer since I'd had a new battery and upgrade as part of another fix (SOS unit). Apparently '2.4 update' is identified as '2.3' in the vehicle. Seems like VW have some serious issues with their software management.

I was trying to get 3.0 (which the VW website seemed to imply was available), so checked. I'm all in favour of verifying the functionality and compatibility of the new release (hope the sort out the charging scheduler), but it's becoming as much a PR disaster as Gridserve's 2 vehicle dynamic charging
3.0 will eventually come over the air but ONLY if you have had the 2.4 update. I phoned my dealer to ask about the 2.4 / battery update and told it was available. I booked it in 2 days later and had it done.
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