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Identification of eJumpy / eDispatch wiring connectors

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I took the plastic cover off from the top of the non-opening door. There were two electrical connectors attached. Anyone know what they are/do?

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On the left, connector (A) has multiple wires. The orange tab can be clicked open and the connector can be removed from the adaptor that it is in.
The adaptor has 2 large holes left and right, and 6 smaller holes (3 on the top and 3 on the bottom)
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On the right, connector (B). The black plastic part (back) can be separated from the grey part (front). There is a white rubber piece in the end, which gives when pressed, but no clicks or signs that it is a button (maybe a sensor?)
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Since they are near the door I'm assuming they are door related, for vans that have two opening doors.
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