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Hi all,

I would like to contribute to the Android OVMS app by supplying some widgets.
I'm thinking of making widgets like:

VDS-style temperature bars:
- Motor
- Battery

Battery load/capacity bar
Current speed
Ideal range
Estimated range

That way people can monitor the car from their phone's start screen, or even from their SmartWatch if needed.

I started working on the Widget first. The "intelligence" behind this will come as soon as I have my OVMS installed in the car. In the mean time, I'm killing some spare time designing this widget.
Here's version 0.001 in Zooper Widget, based on the VDS design. It's using phone battery data to try this out:

More to come!
Feel free to post some ideas and let me know what you think!

Todo list:
- Have Tasker get information from openvehicles website and update widget.
- Improve widget design
- Show charging status
- Different widget sizes
- Different widget designs (minimalistic, colorful, Tesla-like etc).
- Additional widget for current speed
- Sony Smartwatch SW2 Support

Update: All the neccesary graphs and data are in place. Tonight I will install my OVMS, and tomorrow I will try to get the data to the widgets. If this is succesful, I will release the first beta version of this widget so people here can start testing it.

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My wish list:
Uber Simple, minimal layout (as you have)

I prefer colour bars for fastest reading .. maybe Green (OK) to red (danger/low/high etc)
  • Ideal Range
  • Estimated Range (with, ideally, reset .. see below)
  • SOC % (for whole battery ie in Range mode)
  • Motor temp (degC)
  • Battery temp (degC)
  • PEM temp (degC)
  • Charging mode and rate (with adjustment options)

Plus And ideally single buttons (oh and keeping Uber simple layout :) ... might need of neat graphic design or a 2nd page... wherever the car is .. ie overriding the confusing (to me) and unreliable (to me) ACC functions:
  • COOLDOWN command (when plugged in)
  • STOPRANGE r (when range r is say 150miles)
  • STOPSOC s (when SOC s is say 70%)
Oh and probably beyond the scope of OVMS:
  • Instant Estimated range reset !!
...... my Roadster seems to take several miles to re-learn my driving habbits .. or am I missing something ?
(i may have driven like a hoolgan yesterday, but today I want to drive gentle and see instant estimated range :) )

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Thanks Mark, I will get into that!
At the moment I'm not yet planning to make it interactive with sending commands to the car from the widget, but I will put each of your points on the todo list! I might split the combined graph/battery/status widget into several seperate widgets in the future.

At the moment, I'm having these two, a minimalistic version and a VDS-clone version.

As far as I know, it calculates the est range on the last 40km's... which sucks, because when I've spent a day driving in the city, and go to the highway, it's quite a difference ;)

Beta test of the first 2 widgets is about to start. Want to join? All you need is Zooper Widget and Tasker.

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I made some more :)

This I made while being bored/sleepless. It shows the battery percentage and temperatures as a graph.

Dials/gauges in Roadster cluster style. I just couldn't think of a suitable icon for PEM.

And some seperate widgets for battery, range and temperature (with color gradient)

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Neat !
As a 1st time user of GetPVMS as well as both Tasker and Zooper, the only thing I dont fully understand is
point 4. in Tasker
4: Create a Profile to run the GetOVMS at any interval you'd like. I chose to have it update every 30 minutes, but you can have it any way you want.

Tasker looks like a pretty powerful app, a couple of sentences to explain how to do this Point 4 would help, (I think I did it kinda by accident ;) but not 100% sure its right.)

I hope you enjoy a beer in The Ice Breaker bar, in Amsterdam aka De Ysbreeker (who says Dutch is unlike English :))

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