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Renault Zoe Intens Q210 22kw 2013
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I am either very brave or particularly stupid but today I am starting to dismantle my dashboard on my 2013 Zoe ZE20 with a view to either spray or wrap the top half in black (the light colour is doing me nut in with reflections - i know black will still reflect but hopefully will be less)

if it carries on going as straight-forward as this I shall carry on... if I come up against any tough problem or special tool needed I shall give it up as a bad job and put it all back together and call it a day .

so - centre console of first:


Then radio surround off and bottom trim of top part of dash just pulls off its just clipped on ...


Was hoping the whole dash spitted top from bottom part - according to 'catcar info' the top half of the dash wash held in by screws to bottom half


whereas in reality on my dash they have 'plastic welded' to top half of the dash to the bottom half instead of using screws!

Here is the surround taken off the TFT dash screen ..

TFT speedo / cluster removed ....
2 cables that go to the TFT display.

Glove compartment removed - showing interior fuse/relay board and over to the right its either the BCM or UCH module ..

My car is a Zoe Intense model - if it was a 'ZEN' model zoe here is where the parfume / ionizer unit would live on the passenger side here ...


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