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About 5? years ago, in a fit of enthusiam with new-to-me Ampera, I got a NewMotion card. Never used it, but have just logged into my.newmotion.com, installed the Shell Recharge app on phone, transferred over the unused details, entered the card number & it's still active. I've put my debit card details in, so am I all set to use this card wih my Ioniq?

Never having used it, or any Shell Rapids yet, should I be getting one of the newer yellow-ish cards instead?

Can't see any magnet strip or anything, is it an RFID card?

Or do I just need the magic cardnumber to be scanned?

There's some key-fob that Shell mention, should I get one of those?

Is my.newmotion now a "dead" site (having migrated my info) or is that still the way into my records etc on my PC?
So many questions...
Pic of my card with details scrubbed out:

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It's RFID Yes. I have the key fob version of that old design, a good few years old now and it's working just fine still. As long as there's up to date payment details on file this will continue to give you access to their charge network.
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