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I have a 2013 Leaf Visia. After the heating system stopped producing any hot air, Nissan diagnosed a failed PTC heater and quoted £1300 to replace it - bit of a shock and payback after years of minimal running costs. I was advised by Mike Schooling that sometimes failed PTC heaters can also take out the HV junction box and that Nissan's quote could creep up.
The car is probably only worth £3-4k so one route would be to replace it. However, it works pretty well for our needs so I wanted to see if an independent garage or mechanic would do the repair cheaper.
But I am struggling to find anyone in London who will quote to do the work. A few places that say they are Nissan or EV specialists were not interested.
Anyone have garages/mechanics in/around London that they would recommend for something like this?
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