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Industry Attempting To Stop DIY EVSE

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I thought you might like to see just how government and industry conspire to prevent free consumer choice :(

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Here's a link provided by UK EVSE to the offending article;

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If all components used with a DIY charging charging stations meet all required standards. Assembled by a competent person I do not see a problem in general.

I agree that ZCW/Mainpine need to issue a leaflet with the unit and ensure it is highlighted when it is being sold that a qualified electrician need to insure that the final installation is safe.

If you are making a portable DIY charging station again it need to be checked to see if it is safe and that it will require regular 'PAT' testing.

I also know that you can purchase EV control modules similar to the Mainpine one from 3 well known companies including at least one within UK EVSE.

There is also at least one within UK EVSE using re-branded Mainpine hardware.
if I had concerns about the safety then I'd just get it checked by a suitably qualified person first.
But unfortunately due to the world we live in people need to be told to have it check providing a warning at point of sale and contained with the unit to check have it safety check must be a requirement
When I asked for clarification they sent me the following link without comment;


So, beyond what it says in the letter I really don't know.
Well thanks for the video I can now go out and buy all the components I need. I don't need to get them from Mainpine I know I can get the cables from one member of UK EVSE and the controller from another.

Well done for endorsing DiY charging Mainpine and thanks UK EVSE for the parts (at a much greater cost).
Thanks for that Dave. I didn't realise it was really was that mainstream.

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I have a 32A pod point home charging unit that was making rhythmic clicking noises sometimes (1 a second). I have had a BG POLAR installed now... because I could... and removed the pod point for repair and installation at my new house when I move.

Do you think this is repairable cheaply? This is the inside...

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Most parts inside are cheap of the self so is possible.
If you want to fix it pm me and I will give advice (will need more info) as repairs should only be done by an approved repairer and I wouldn't won't to get into trouble with uk evse
I'm not sure about the current EU data protection law.
But I am sure if you take personal information (cookies/ contact forms) you need a privacy policy.
If this is correct one of the members of UK EVSE is breaking the law.
Talk about glass houses.
A lead with a commando plus on the end and the evse in the middle with a type 1/2 cable on the other end the DIY evse video shows what Paul has
1 - 6 of 112 Posts
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