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Industry Attempting To Stop DIY EVSE

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I thought you might like to see just how government and industry conspire to prevent free consumer choice :(

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Here's a link provided by UK EVSE to the offending article;

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Mainpine has recently released a EVSE protocol controller that you can buy for £79 + VAT :p
Where? ;-)
I'm baffled as to what legally can be done to stop people buying 3 components from Farnell / RS Components and stopping them from joining them together with cable. Maybe it's the EVSE Protocol Controller...and, as was alluded to earlier, some of the charging stations represented by UK EVSE use the same Mainpine manufacture EVSE Protocol Controller with their own badges on them.

Then there is OPEN EVSE in the states (LINK) using, again, commercially available components to build the brains of any charging station.

I'm going to be all leftfield again; how about UK EVSE produce a sticker or leaflet that could be issued with anyone buying such items stipulating that a thorough safety check by a Part P qualified electrician should be undertaken before connection to an electrical supply or electric car. Kind of exactly the same words used by @Kevin Sharpe in the EVSE Build Day Video
[Safety advice given at 30mins 44 seconds]

But there I go again, collaborative joined up thinking that helps everyone. Back to the legal threats and oppression.
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Playing devil's advocate here, the self build EVSE is hardly cheap is it? How much did it cost? Not a great deal cheaper than Vauxhall's EVSE although I appreciate it's a lot more useful.
Hardly a comparison; Ampera EVSE charges at 10 Amps ; EVSE Build Day full 32 Amps (and can be modified to work at 7 Amps - 32 Amps). I'll defer to @Kevin Sharpe for pricing.
Isn't it a bit of electrical cable + 2 plugs?
Try sourcing J1772 Type 1 and Type 2 plugs; even the poorest quaily Chinese ones are a pretty penny. The ITT 2nd gen ones are about £90. I had the same thought when I started my journey. Then bought the ZCW Cable, which in reality is an ITT Cannon cable with those rock solid 2nd gen connectors sold by Farnell ;-)
Last week I drove 600 miles in a Mk2 LEAF to Wales and back. Due to the non-existence of any Rapid Chargers north of the M4 I had to rely on destination charging which was nearly all Zero Carbon World 32A Commando sockets. Without the Portable EVSE box and a 6.6kw enabled Mk2 LEAF this trip would not have been possible:
Motor vehicle Car Vehicle Property House

Elan Valley Visitor Centre
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Nissan leaf Motor vehicle

Vehicle Car Luxury vehicle Mode of transport Road

Drover Cycles (who just took delivery of a EV Renault Kangoo)
Nissan leaf Vehicle Car Property Hatchback

The Old Vicarage, Dolfor
Wall Brickwork Technology Brick Electrical supply

The Radnor Inn
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Nissan leaf

Actually that last one was a Type 2, but you get the idea!

I also rapid charged twice on the way up and 4 times on the way back. The only posts that failed were Source West in Bath (Needed a power cycle) and Chargemaster in Builth Wales with no signage or parking bay paint meaning both spaces were ICEd. So the only let downs were the companies who currently charge for charging and/or require RFID cards
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32A to 3 pin socket lead would work for using EVSE brick at 10A for overnight charge.......
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Do you have a link/more information as to where I could acquire such a thing? Thanks! :D
32A Commando: LINK
3 pin waterproof socket: LINK
H07 1.5mm Waterproof Rubber Cable: LINK

If you can wire a 3 pin plug, which one of them is, you should be working out the Commando!

If you really do want someone else to make it for you; these people will: http://essentialsupplies.co.uk/acatalog/ho7cable.html?gclid=CPPzlIjn4r0CFbLMtAodW2kAeg
I replaced the 13A plug on one of these with a 16A commando - in case I ever needed it at a camping site http://www.diy.com/nav/fix/electric...door-Equipment-0-5m-EXS13IPS05-OP-MS-10549099 - plug EVSE in for 10A charging.

If I had a 32A capable leaf for a trip like grant describes the home build EVSE is clearly very useful
That RCD overheated on my last summer, and tripped mid charge. I have now built a straight 16A commando to that same socket using h07 1.5mm cable and that has worked without issue.

So it is only as good as any commercially available charging station.
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