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I fully support peoples rights to build and use that ever they like, so long as they take responsibility for it.

Firstly I am sure I could build an EVSE myself, however I would be constantly second guessing myself, did I put the wire in the right place etc etc. For this reason I don't tend to do DIY as the outcomes never hit the impossibly high standards I set myself.

So I would like to ask, is there anyone here who would build me an EVSE, I will of course foot the bill for the parts and your time. I would like it to be a type two socket with a 13amp plug on the other end, happy for it to be set to something like 6-10 amps max, that way I could be just used anywhere as a backup.

Once handed over I will absolve you of all responsibility, so you don't need to worry about liability as should I plug it in while in the bath or something stupid,

Seriously though if anyone wants to take me up on this, let me know
1 - 2 of 112 Posts
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