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Infotainment Screen Customization!

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Only just figured this out, courtesy of this video on the ID.4;

But have now customised pull down favourites options (now with quick nav links for Work & Home, Air care & Settings), and tinkered with the default screens so that I can have smallish map and driving data on same screen.

It seems you can't have repeats, so can'y have a smallish map on multiple screens, with different things to the right on different screens, but still - good fun and several layouts to play with.
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I turned off all announcements on my Ibiza's satnav, because the inbuilt satnav kept announcing over things 'Slow traffic..... on the.... M.....sixty-one!' in its super robotic voice. The annoying thing for me is that Google's announcements will pause Pocket Casts running on Android Auto, but Seat's won't.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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