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If you guys want to install a dash cam with constant power supply and hidden wires, you can either get it supplied and fitted, buy one and have it fitted or buy one and install it yourself.
I went to a local car audio specialist and saw a Thinkware front and rear cam which was £250, not bad i thought until they stated it would cost another £250 to have it fitted.......
So i found a blackvue front and rear cam on eBay. purchased for £250. Watched a few videos on how to install and conceal the leads.
Had a go and all worked out well, now have a fully working cam, front and rear recording.
The cam has parking recording, so when the car is left unattended, it will record any incidents.
The fuse for the GTE is positioned to supply power when the ignition is turned on, however if you switch the fuse to another position, i.e. one notch up, it now supplied a constant power supply, which will leave the cam recording when you turn off and lock the car.
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